How to work a 400 unit deal, with Veena Jetti

Our guest today is Veena Jetti, a general partner in huge multifamily deals. She had her fingers on over a billion dollars worth of assets throughout her career and has control over millions of dollars of assets currently. In this episode, we talk about what it’s like to be a general partner on big multifamily deals and what should you look for in a GP if you are a limited partner. If you’re ready to scale up and want to invest in the best multifamily deals, don’t miss out on this episode! Learn more about Veena and her journey at!

“Single-family is not a very scalable space, so eventually there comes a point where you have to make the leap to whatever the next level is, and that’s inevitably multifamily.”


Veena is coming from a real estate investor family. Her parents were into single-family investing when she was young, so Veena started in the single-family space as well. However, she soon realized how much more scalable multifamily was. She says that it was easier for her to take bigger risks as she had her family as a safety net.

“My motto is that the ball is never in my court ever. If you asked me for a request, I turn it back to you, and then I’m waiting on you. I never want anybody to be waiting on me in the deal.”


Veena’s first multifamily deal was in Dallas. Since then, she’s had control of over a billion dollars worth of assets.

Her newest deal is a 494-unit A- property called Element 41 in Marietta, Georgia. Veena has a good reputation among brokers because she is very professional and reliable, so she can find good deals easier than others.

Veena’s advice on what questions to ask when deciding if something is a profitable buy or not:

  • Are there a lot of value-add options to the property?
  • What other income possibilities can you bring in?
  • Can you decrease expenses in an efficient way?


According to Veena, there are 3 main categories of roles a general partner plays in a deal.

  1. Acquisition: 
    • Everything that happens before you have the deal under contract. This means broker relationships, negotiating, and meeting all the terms of the PSA. 
    • Everything under contract until close: your due diligence, underwriting, and understanding your financials.
  2. Capital: Your debt, equity, and financially structuring the deal.
  3. Operational: Starts on the day of the take-over. This covers weekly asset management calls, checking the proforma conditions, tracking the strategy, and managing investor relations.

According to Veena, the biggest challenge for a limited partner in working with a GP is that sometimes there is not a lot of transparency. To make the relationship more transparent, she recommends: 

  • Always talking to the general partner and asking a lot of questions.
  • Asking the GP if they personally invest money in the deal, and if so, how much.
  • Understanding what happens to the limited partners if the deal misses the goals for you.
  • Understanding the business plan and the preferred rate.
  • Understanding the numbers in the underwriting.

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