Strategies for Long Distance Investing, with Billy Keels

Our guest today is Billy Keels, an international real estate and real assets investor. In this episode, we talk about long distance investing strategies, the importance of your team, and how to get clear on the asset that works best for you. Whether you’re investing in your backyard, or out of the country, this episode will help you gain more clarity on your strategy! Learn more about Billy and his journey at!

“You can invest wherever in the world in whatever type of assets make sense for you.”


Billy had a successful career as a high-level sales executive. After having his investments fluctuate on the stock market, he read Rich Dad, Poor Dad and decided to start real estate investing. 

Billy was living in Spain and first thought he would buy an apartment in Barcelona to start his investing journey. However, he soon realized that he could invest in the United States as well.

Now, he has real estate and real asset investments all over the world because geographic freedom is very important for him. His diverse portfolio contains large multifamily syndications, mobile home parks, pieces of equipment in the energy space, and ATM machines.

“Everything starts with – what is it that you want this asset to provide you?”


According to Billy, to become a successful long distance investor you need to:

  • Invest the time to understand the location.
  • Know the team and make sure they know the location as well.
  • Make sure the operator is in town or physically close to the property.

In the episode, Billy talks about the similarities and differences between the syndicator, sponsor, general partner, and operator.  The syndicator, sponsor, or general partner are the ones who bring the capital together. The operator is the one who’s operating the deal on a daily basis.

“There’s a lot of value in being able to understand who are the absolute best operators in a specific area, and then being able to connect them with investors who are interested in finding the best opportunity for their capital.”


Billy is a big advocate of diversifying your assets. As a syndicator, he connects operators and investors. Having diverse assets help him offer more diverse opportunities.

According to Billy, if you are offering different types of assets, you can find more investors and still be specific with your offer.

“Teamwork makes the dream work”


At the end of the episode, Billy picks action steps from the REI Clarity Framework that are the most valuable for him. These are “Know Your Strategy”, “Build a Team”, “Establish Your Mentors,” and “Rise by Lifting Others”.

For Billy, building your team means everything because being a long distance investor would not be possible without it. Building lasting trust with the team is crucial for successful investing.

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