Social Impact Investing, with Nicole Gauthier

Our guest is Nicole Gauthier, a real estate investor who is passionate about community growth and social change. In this episode, we talk about social impact investing, the benefits of investing in opportunity zones, and how to rise by lifting others.

If social change and community growth are an important part of your investment strategy, then this episode is definitely for you!

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“Opportunity zones are neighborhoods where the city is targeting a lot of infrastructure and growth to try to empower those that are in that community.”


Nicole started real estate investing about 1.5 years ago, after doing market research in inner-city Houston. She saw that a specific neighborhood in an opportunity zone undergoing gentrification and she wanted to help prevent the residents from getting displaced. She purchased an empty lot near 2 universities in Houston and her plan is to eventually create an affordable student housing complex on it.

Nicole founded her company, Wicked Holdings, in January of this year. She’s already completed rehabs on a few rental projects and she’s currently working on a multifamily property in a nearby opportunity zone.

“If you stick to the numbers and you can show that, then investors are willing to work with you.”


Nicole believes that if you buy right and stick to your metrics, then you can reap the best returns and advantages for your investors. Her specific formula is to stick to 70% or less of the After Repair Value when purchasing.

Nicole’s way of fighting gentrification is by doing new construction. This way no one has to be displaced as she is adding more homes to the community.

When looking at a multifamily deal, Nicole is focusing on 3 key metrics within the area – increasing income, decreasing unemployment, and population growth.

“We have the choice to make changes in our tenants’ lives. And you can still be profitable and reap some really great returns for your investors. “


At the end of the episode, Nicole picks an action step from the REI Clarity Framework that is the most valuable to her. This is “Rise by Lifting Others”.

According to Nicole, when you’re investing in a growing community, especially if it’s a gentrification type of situation where things are changing fast for that community, focus on the people. Engage with the community and ask the tenants what improvements they would like to see.

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