Mindset and Manifesting REI Success, with Agostino Pintus

Our guest today is Agostino Pintus an investor in the Cincinnati area. In this episode, we talk about how to structure a business and dig deep into the importance of having the right mindset and how to manifest success in your real estate investing work. If you want to shift your mindset and work through your mind’s limitations, then don’t miss out on this episode. Learn more about Agostino and his journey at reiclarity.com!

I was a C-level executive at a publicly-traded company. Looking at it now, it did give me an advantage about setting up structures.”


Agostino was very entrepreneurial from a young age. However, due to his family, he started his career in corporate America. He became a C-level executive and it gave him an advantage in setting up structures and creating strategies. He also learned a lot about people management and how important it is to have the right team.

Agostino’s advice on how to build the right relationships in your work life, no matter what level you are in, is the use the “Rule of 33.” This means to split your time into 3 segments and spend 33% of it with people above you, 33% with people below you, and 33% with people on the same level as you. 

For most people, spending time with people on their level is the most comfortable, but not getting out of your comfort zone blocks growth.

“Just because you love your job, doesn’t mean your job is gonna love you back.”


According to Agostino, the most important thing for a successful business or life, in general, is to have the right mindset. Working in a W2 job is like a drug because people get addicted to the money, and even though they are constantly worried about their job security or don’t like the job, they can’t quit.

Agostino had to make a conscious decision to change his mindset about his career and step out of the “Matrix”.

He chose to do real estate in order to achieve a more free life. His biggest mindset shift was when he went from single-family to multifamily. It took a lot of sacrifices. However, now his life is truly purpose-driven.


Agostino’s advice on how to work on your mindset:

  • Read a book a week, or at least read as much as you can.
  • Write down your goals every morning.
  • Create affirmations for yourself, visualize, and repeat them every day.
  • Spend time to understand why humans do what they do. 
  • Consciously work on creating better habits for yourself.
  • The most important thing is to take action!

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