How to Use Undeniable Psychological Facts to Raise Millions, with Bryan Ellis

Our guest today is Bryan Ellis, the CEO of, writer, and capital raising expert. In this episode, we focus on the process of explaining a deal or opportunity to someone else. We talk about marketing, how to communicate the quality of your business better, and how to motivate people with your presentations. If you ever needed to raise funds from other people or hosted a webinar about your investment deal, then this episode is going to level you up.

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“If I wanted the conversation to end there, I’d say I’m a writer. But if I did want to talk to you, I’d say I’m the Great and Powerful Oz.”


Bryan is a real estate investor and coach. He helps people who are raising capital to do it much better by using psychology and well-established principles of persuasion.

Bryan is an expert in self-directed IRAs. His advice, when considering using this particular vehicle, is to always go to a CPA or an attorney who knows about self-directed IRAs. There are many challenges in terms of tax advantages and legal compliance.

Bryan shares his best pieces of advice on how to attract investors when raising money for a deal.

  • Start a podcast or a Youtube channel with a clear CTA in every episode and publish content consistently. This is the top of the funnel.
  • Build a following of people who know you, like you, and trust you.
  • Capital raising webinars are only the last step in your funnel.

“You’ve always got to ask yourself – the person listening to me, what do they care about? “


Most capital raising events have been done by webinar since the start of the COVID era. Bryan explains that many of these webinars are done incorrectly. People share inconsistent or irrelevant information.

The role of the webinar is to make sure that people who are not qualified won’t waste your time. And also that the people who are qualified are interested based on real information. 

Bryan shares how to raise capital correctly as a new capital raiser.

  • Share less data on the webinar. All the spreadsheets should only be in the PPM.
  • Write out every single word that you want to say in the presentation. Be prepared.
  • Make sure you have a good deal. It’s even more important now than 1-2 years ago.

“If you do your first 2 well, raising money is never a problem ever again.”


The correct order of a successful capital raising presentation is:

  • Start with a hook. This could be 3 quick facts about the deal that you share without giving too much detail to get the listeners interested. 
  • Do a legal disclaimer at the front.
  • Our minds are wired to understand stories. Start with the story about how the deal came together and why you chose this one over all the others that you underwrote.
  • Bring the people into the story and talk about investor relations.
  • Talk about the structure of the deal.
  • Close the presentation with a controlled Q&A that is not live.
  • Share the CTA once again.

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