How to Get in the Room, with John Okocha

Our guest today is John Okocha, a multifamily investor and private equity expert. In this conversation, we dig deep into how to network and build connections thoughtfully, the best ways to raise capital, and how to build trust with your investors. Join us and level up your networking game!

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“Hang around people that are smarter than you.”


John’s parents immigrated from Nigeria in the ‘80s to make their dreams come true. John inherited this mindset and he’s always wanted to create something meaningful.

From an early age, John always put himself in situations when he could be around people who are further along in their journeys than him. His advice is to always seek out opportunities when you’re out of your comfort zone because that’s the only way to grow.

“In the long run, the people who are going to be the titans of the industry are the people who have an extremely high EQ.”


John is an expert in making connections in the real estate space. He shares his best pieces of networking advice with us.

  • Attend your local real estate meetup consistently so people get to know you.
  • Be honest about your goals and where you’re at in your journey.
  • Ask thoughtful and insightful questions and also try to connect on a personal level with investors.
  • Practice talking to as many people as possible.
  • Read books on networking.

“The highest form of money is trust.”


John is an expert in raising capital. According to him, the most important part of raising money is trust. Investors have to trust you or your brand in order to invest with you, so focus on building trust.

Ways to build trust and succeed in raising capital:

  • Educate yourself and be an expert in your field.
  • Be active on social media and talk to your followers regularly.
  • Go to as many meetups as you can.
  • Make sure to follow up with people in your network.

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