How to find your dream lender, with Vessi Kapoulian

Welcome to the CRE Clarity Podcast with Jeremy Goodrich. Our guest today is Vessi Kapoulian, real estate investor and the founder of Dream Believe Achieve Capital Group. In our conversation, we dive into how to build solid relationships with lenders, Vessi’s top underwriting tips, and strategies for finding decent deals in today’s tough CRE market. Join us!

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“Anytime I approach a new project or occupation, I always want to find purpose.”


Vessi started her career in commercial lending and transitioned to commercial real estate investing in 2017.  She made the transition by educating herself and building connections in the industry. 

“Transparency and open communication are key.”

Vessi shares her insights on building strong relationships with lenders as an investor.

  • Be transparent. The lender is trying to evaluate the risk profile, so share your and your partners’ track records. 
  • Be aware that some of the smaller lenders have lending limits that you might hit over time.
  • Make sure that the lender is also open and honest with you.

Vessi is very passionate about underwriting. She outlines her tried-and-tested underwriting tips to find decent deals in today’s tough CRE market.

  • Partner with experienced operators with a good track record.
  • Study your target market.
  • Analyze 5 key deal aspects:
    • Projected rent growth
    • Volatile expenses
    • Adequate reserves
    • Downside protection
    • Optimal debt structure

“Stay true to yourself and your criteria. Maybe that means you’re growing a little bit slower but I like to think slow and steady wins the race.”


Toward the end of the conversation, Vessi shares what she’s most excited about currently. She took on entrepreneurship because she’s looking forward to more time freedom and flexibility.

Finally, Vessi shares one point of clarity with the listeners – be clear on your ultimate “why”!

About our Guest, Vessi Kapoulian

Vessi Kapoulian is the Founder of Dream Believe Achieve Capital Group, a real estate investment company based in Los Angeles, CA.

Vessi helps busy professionals who are tired of working 60+ hours a week create passive income streams to reach their goal of leaving a legacy for their families, diversifying their investments from the stock market, and achieving tax efficiencies.

Vessi’s professional background includes 15 years of commercial lending and 4 years of business management experience. Vessi started her real estate journey as an investor in 2017. Today Vessi manages a portfolio of investor real estate properties in Florida, Tennessee, and Georgia (415 doors, 12 properties, $44MM AUM). She is also passively invested in 5 other deals (405 doors in multifamily plus other CRE asset classes).

Vessi’s mission is to help others attain their own financial freedom while at the same time providing a clean, safe, and pleasant home environment for residents and improving the local communities she invests in.

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Special thanks to Vessi Kapoulian for taking the time to share so many great insights with us

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