How to Acquire $100M in Real Estate in 1 Year, with Logan Freeman

Today, we have a powerhouse episode for you! Our guest is Logan Freeman, a real estate investor and podcaster, who shows how to compress 3 years of business growth into just 1 year. In our conversation, we talk about creating systems and strategies to reach success faster, having personal accountability, and how to be more productive by working less.

If you want to grow your business and grow as an entrepreneur, then this episode is for you!

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“Saying no to so much other stuff has given me the permission to say yes to what actually matters.”


Logan is a real estate investor and entrepreneur. He started a podcast this year, called the Compression podcast, where you can follow him as he compresses 3 years of business growth into just 1 year. He wants to scale fast by implementing systems and strategies and avoiding 80-hour work weeks.

Logan’s company already acquired $62M of real estate in just 7 months. He shares what he learned about scaling fast and what you can do to achieve similar results.

  • Be accountable. Talk about your goals publically, tell it to your community, or start a podcast.
  • Focus. Where focus goes, the energy goes, so choose wisely what you focus on.
  • Manage your time. The amount of time you allot to a task is the amount of time it’s going to take, so plan out your days 
  • Focus on the “vital few”. Roughly 80% of consequences come from 20% of causes, so focus on this 20%.
  • Get in the flow. Find activities that put you in a flow state and organize your day around them.

“Being busy is not being productive. Being efficient is not being effective.”


Logan talks about the best profit-producing actions you can implement in your strategies.

  • Set boundaries. Take time out for yourself and make sure that you don’t try to do everything by yourself in your business.
  • Attach $1 amount to your time and focus on the most valuable tasks.
  • Determine what you can delegate, automate, or eliminate from your schedule.

Logan puts different systems in place. He uses physical journals to write down his ideas and he implements a project management software, Monday, to help his team stay on track.

“If you want to achieve a big goal, you have to get your mind right first, because you cannot give what you do not have.”


Personal accountability is very important for Logan. According to him, we’re faced with choices all the time and we have to make the right decisions. This means choosing reading over watching a movie or exercising over laying on the couch. These decisions compound over time.  

Creating new habits takes time. To help your journey, surround yourself with like-minded people and find good coaches. Personal accountability, forming strong habits, and keeping good company are foundational to success. 

Mentioned in the show:

  2. Tim Ferriss – The 4-Hour Workweek
  3. Mihály Csíkszentmihályi – Flow
  4. Gino Wickman – Traction
  5. Dr. Henry Cloud – Boundaries
  6. Perry Marshall  – Detox, Declutter, Dominate
  7. Tony Robbins – Awaken the Giant Within
  8. His LinkedIn
  10. The REI Clarity Framework

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