Creative Financing with Dee Stevens

If you’ve ever felt like real estate investing is just for people with piles of cash, this episode will change your mind. Our guest Dee Stevens explains how he used his smarts, hustle, and some creative financing strategies to go full time in real estate and build wealth with rich funders to help.  In this case, it did take a nuclear scientist to grow a portfolio.  

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SECTION 1: Dee’s story

Dee was working as a nuclear scientist.  He built a relationship with one of the deliver drivers who shared the ideas of Carlton Sheets and the No Money Down method.  After studying for a while he connected with a realtor who helped him find his first investment deal.  She wasn’t sure he was making a good decision but he did it anyway.  That started his real estate investing journey.

SECTION 2: The Value of A Coach

Having a coach speeds up the learning curve and gives you high level skills more quickly.  The best way to find them is to be engaged in Facebook groups and the social media community.  Watch the people who are in there advising.  When you find people who match your strategy, reach out and see if they’ll help you.  Sometimes that’s a no fee connection.  Other times you’ll set up a business coach relationship.  It’s all about finding the right person.

SECTION 3: Creative Financing

There are a ton of ways to do creative financing.  Here are a few of Dee’s favorites:

  1. 1. Seller Financing
  2. 2. Lease Option
  3. 3. Subject for Existing
  4. 4. Contract for Deed

SECTION 4: 3 Steps to Clarity

  1. 1. Get Your Mind Right & Systems Down
  2. 2. What is Your Exit Strategy
  3. 3. Build Up Your team

Mentioned in the show:

  1. 1. Carlton Sheets – No Money Down
  2. 2. Traction
  3. 3. Four Disciplines of Execution
  4. 4. Never Split the Difference

Special thanks to Dee Stevens for taking the time to share so many great insights with us

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