Clarity for Real Estate Investors Starts Here

Welcome to the REI Clarity Podcast!

Your number one goal as a property investor is to build financial freedom faster.   Every new property represents the potential for early retirement, more vacations, a new hobby, and a deeper connection with your family.  But the wrong buy could be a money pit and take you ten steps in the other direction as well.  When you’re a part time investor, one tenant moving out or one over budget flip and money is draining out of your pocketbook instead of filling it. The difference between success and failure is clarity.   The more clarity you have the quicker the path to financial freedom.  This show is all about giving you as much clarity as possible. 

The REI Clarity podcast is a path into the mind and strategies of investors who’ve graduated from part time investing and are leveraged real estate to build financial freedom faster.  Many of our guest have found the mountain top and are experiencing financial freedom.  Every episode will get you closer to that same outcome.

My name is Jeremy Goodrich and I’ll be your host on this journey. Over the past seven years I’ve served as an advisor to hundreds of real estate investors.  I’ve seen every strategy, some very creative financing, lots of success, and little failure, and everything in between.  I’ve advised investors with 1 property and others with hundreds.  For most investors, our first connection is my knowledge around  investment property insurance.  Like a good accountant, realtor, lawyer, or property managers, an insurance agent that specializes in real estate investing is a priceless asset towards achieving your goal. But the best service providers are much more valuable than the specific role we play.  We become trusted advisors and connectors.  We make smart investing easier because we see it from a 10,000 foot view. In fact, if you think about it, your accountant and your insurance agent may be the only two people in your world that can see the entire picture.

So if you are looking for clarity, this show will provide it.  Every Monday we’ll put out a new episode.  One week we’ll feature a guest who has crossed the threshold from hobby investing to a tried and tested approach to building real financial freedom.  We’ll hear how they made that leap, dig into their strategy, and hear their take on how you can follow in their footsteps.  The next week, I’ll zoom in on one clear take away from the conversation. Clarifying the role of that step in your process and challenging you to take action around it.  The combination will clarify your journey and shorten your path to financial freedom. 

There are zero investors who have it all figured out, who are completely clear about the perfect decisions on every step of the journey.  No one has 100% clarity and this show won’t suggest magic bullets, overnight success stories, or zero to millionaire pyramid schemes.  What we will do is learn from real investors who’ve spent years mastering their craft and zoom in on the steps they took to get there.  We’ll see that those who win at investing have a lot in common.  They know how to build smart relationships, they understand their strengths and weaknesses, and they all study the process.  But every investor has a deeply unique approach as well.  We’ll get a glimpse at both.

Alright, are you ready to launch your real estate investing journey into the next phase.  It’s time to map out the path to financial freedom faster. So smash the subscribe button and head over to episode one.  Our first guest has build a portfolio of about 150 doors over that last 5 years.  He’s done it with a clear buying strategy and a custom proforma.  He’ll share his strategy and the proforma that helped him get there.  Until then, here’s to clarity that brings financial freedom faster.

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