9 Steps to Freedom Through Real Estate

This show is a big milestone for us because we’re celebrating our 50th episode! Today, we share what we’ve learned from our fantastic guests on the show so far, and walk you through the REI Clarity Framework. These 9 action steps will help you to succeed in real estate, no matter where you are in your journey. If you’re ready to reach true freedom through real estate, then don’t miss out on this episode! Learn more about the framework at reiclarity.com!

The purpose of the REI Clarity Podcast is to create freedom through real estate to be able to do the things that you want to do with your time. During our 50 episodes, we talked to many successful and inspiring entrepreneurs and business owners in the real estate industry. They all had a few things in common, that helped them succeed.

We gathered these things into a 3-pillar, 9-action step framework, that will help you build your business and reach your real estate investing goals.


Clarity: The first pillar is about mindset and knowledge.

  1. Know Your Strategy: Start with a plan to outline your overall strategy.
  2. Find the Money: Figure out where your investment money will be coming from.
  3. Forecast Your Future: Visualize the future. It will motivate you, and it’s the map that lays out your strategy.


Connections: This pillar gathers the ways to build healthy and valuable connections.

  1. Build a Team: The team you are creating is your support crew. Find people you can rely on to give you good advice on certain areas that you may not have expertise in.
  2. Establish Your Mentors: Find a mentor whose vision and guidance you trust to lead you through your journey.
  3. Grow Your Community: Whatever situation you are in, you always need a supporting community.


Implementation: This is where all of that inner work is channeled outward.

  1. Take the Risk: Find a nice medium between jumping into the deep end and never getting into the water at all.
  2. Exit Gracefully: Have clarity on your exit from the start so nothing will be confusing or unexpected when the time comes to exit the deal.
  3. Rise by Lifting Others: The people who are supporting you lifting you up. Offer the same level of support to others. 

You can download the REI Clarity Framework here to help you on your journey too.

We appreciate you listening to the REI Clarity Podcast and we’re excited about the next 50 episodes!

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