5 Steps to Your Financial Plan, with Curtis May

Our guest is Curtis May, wealth advisor and the owner of Practical Wealth Advisors LLC. Today, we continue the financial advice from last week and dig into personal finance. We talk about how to build smart financial foundations, the 5 pieces of a good financial plan, and the rules of successful investing.

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“The financial plan precedes the business plan or the investment plan.”


Curtis was always entrepreneurial. After reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad, he got very interested in finance and became a wealth advisor about 10 years ago.

Curtis is helping people understand the difference between the accumulation of money and the velocity of money. According to him, many people accumulate funds through 401(k)s, IRAs, or mutual funds that only make a little return on investment. The risks are that there are too many moving parts, like a fluctuating market, government regulations, taxes, and depreciation. Curtis’s advice is to invest in real estate and create velocity.

“You can’t get homeowners insurance if your house is on fire, right? You can’t set up a corporation trying to move your stuff around. You have to do it while you don’t have anything going on.”


Curtis shares the 5 principles of personal finance to create velocity and eventually financial freedom.

  1. Savings. Have safe, liquid, accessible, and guaranteed funds, generally around 15-20% of your gross income.
  2. Maximum protection. Use insurance, LLCs, and estate planning to protect your assets.
  3. Legacy of wisdom and wealth. Have a well-planned life insurance plan to protect your legacy. 
  4. Liquidity. Have 3 months of income available on your bank account to be able to access it quickly.
  5. Velocity. Plan out different investment strategies to create more cash flow.

You can grow all these different areas at the same time. One strategy that Curtis is teaching is infinite banking.

“Banking principles drive strategy and strategy drives tactics.”


Curtis talks about the 3 rules of investing.

  1. Invest in your number one asset, yourself. Work on your expertise, your mindset, and your skillset.
  2. Invest in something you can influence the outcome of and that will cash flow. Entrepreneurs solve problems for others.
  3. Don’t chase returns.

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