3 Things: Building Community, Passive Buying, & Cost Segregation

Today we talk about 3 previous interviews in this special Moment of Clarity episode. We break down the process of networking, cost segregation, and investing in real estate without owning property. If you are ready to go deeper into REI strategies then this episode is for you! Listen to the full interviews with Amy Mahjoory, Monick Halm, and Yonah Weiss if you haven’t already at reiclarity.com!

The 4 step process of networking


Amy Mahjoory described the FACT method she uses for networking.

  • F: Foundation. Get to know who you are, why you do what you do, and what you provide. 
  • A: Action. Don’t procrastinate. Start building small relationships and this will lead to bigger relationships over time.
  • C: Credibility. Have a presentable idea and a clear offering for your investors.
  • T: Transaction. Start getting deals done.

The 6 different ways to invest in real estate without owning property


Monick Halm suggested 6 ways to invest in real estate even if you don’t want to own property.

  1. Wholesaling: find deals and connect buyers with sellers.
  2. Online Investment Trust: a passive way to invest in large real estate opportunities.
  3. Tax Lien Investment: purchase a lien from the government.
  4. Bank Note Investing: invest on the back end of banks.
  5. Syndication: invest with a group of people in a specific real estate deal.
  6. Private Money Lending: a one on one deal between you as the lender and an investor.

We talk about the pros and cons of these methods in the episode.

Cost Segregation


Yonah Weiss talked about the depreciation-based tax strategy called cost segregation. 

The tax depreciation schedule is set up by the IRS and calculates that a house depreciates to zero dollars from the time of purchase over 27.5 years. Cost segregation is a way to accelerate the depreciation timeline, by breaking down the property to 4 categories: land, building, land improvements, and personal property.

If you want to know more about cost segregation, don’t miss out on this episode!

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  2. 3 Excuses for Not Investing… Squashed with Monick Halm
  3. How to Build Your Network & Lower Your Taxes, with Yonah Weiss
  4. www.shineinsurance.com/reiclarity

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