3 Actions Steps Towards A Profitable Portfolio

In this action episode Jeremy digs in the previous two interviews and provides 3 action steps you can take today to transform your real estate investing journey into a real business.

Here’s what you’ll hear:

Action Step #1:  Be Empowered!

Both Marc Kelwaski and Chris Berg built from 0 to 150 properties in about 5 years.  They did this with very little of their own capital.  If they can do it, you can too! 

Action Step #2: Analyze LOTS of deals

Smart buys are based on knowledge.  Pick a proforma or purchase calculator that best fits you.


Start by analyzing your existing properties.  Plug the numbers and see where you are.  Then, get in the habit of running deals all of the time.  The more you run the better you’ll get at it.  

Action Step #3: Focus on Your Strategy

Answer these questions:

– What is my strategy?

– What does the perfect property look like?

– Where is that property located?

– What does that seller look like?

– How are you going to find them?

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