164: Helping Women Invest, with Natasha Falconi

Welcome to the CRE Clarity Podcast with Jeremy Goodrich. Today, we’re joined by Natasha Falconi, a multifamily investor based in South Florida. In this episode, we delve into topics such as real estate taxes, women in the real estate industry, and strategies for transitioning into multifamily investing.

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“I believe that every generation should do better than the last.” 


Natasha began her career as an accountant at a prominent firm. She was assigned to the real estate tax department, where she gained invaluable insights into investing. Eventually, she started working as a controller for a developer and after 18 years, she made the choice to delve into real estate investing independently.

“Estate planning and how you structure things should all come into play when you’re growing a portfolio.” 


Natasha shares some of her insights into real estate taxes. 

  • Focus on proper estate planning – make sure to own your assets in LLCs instead of your personal name.
  • Depreciation is a key strategy to reduce your taxable income. By claiming depreciation on your properties, you can lower your tax burden.

Natasha currently owns a portfolio of 108 units across 7 properties. Her journey began in 2020 with a studio apartment in South Florida and her tenants predominantly consist of immigrant families. Natasha prioritizes location over property size when selecting investments.

A significant portion of Natasha’s portfolio is syndicated. She is passionate about encouraging women to invest in real estate. With only 3% of women currently investing, she aims to bridge this gap.

“There are opportunities. It’s just hard work but we need to do the work to grow the business.” 


Toward the end of the conversation, Natasha shares what she’s most excited about currently. She’s excited to continue growing her portfolio, impacting the markets she’s in, and increasing the percentage of ladies who are investing with her.

Finally, Natasha shares one point of clarity with the listeners – Surround yourself with like-minded people.

About our Guest, Natasha Falconi

Natasha Falconi is the Founder of Falconi Capital, a real estate investment firm specializing in multifamily real estate with a focus on South Florida.    

With a rigorous approach to sourcing properties – Natasha has created a business acquiring class B and C properties with existing cash flow and opportunities for value-add improvement. Natasha firmly believes you can create value for investors while uplifting the assets for the benefit of tenants and the greater community. 

With decades of experience in a big 3 accounting firm, responsibilities as Controller and President of a national real estate investment & development company, and Chairwoman of a Florida-based community bank, Natasha keenly understands how investors determine value.  

Natasha lives in Coral Gables with her husband Arthur and their two sons.

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Special thanks to Natasha Falconi for taking the time to share so many great insights with us

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