159: Passive Investing 101, with Christopher Price

Welcome to the CRE Clarity Podcast with Jeremy Goodrich. In today’s episode, we dive deep into passive investing with Christopher Price, founder of Red Fox Multifamily. We learn about how to get started as a passive investor, what questions to ask from an operator, and how to evaluate a deal. Join us and start your passive investing journey today!

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“I’m a pharmaceutical executive by day, but a real estate investor by night.”


Christopher worked as a pharmaceutical executive for 20 years. He then transitioned into real estate investing and currently manages to juggle both successfully.

His investment journey began by renting out his own condo. This made him realize that passive investing could be the key to diversifying his portfolio and building long-term wealth.

“One of the things that was fundamentally important to us was to focus on recession-resistant asset classes.”


With financial freedom as his ultimate goal, Christopher turned to multifamily syndications, known to be recession-resistant assets. To educate himself, he read books, listened to podcasts, and connected with industry professionals.

Christopher shares key questions to ask operators before investing:

  • Does the operator have experience in your target market? 
  • How’s their track record? Get to know their team as well.

Christopher shares his insights on becoming a successful passive investor, even with limited real estate knowledge:

  • Invest in yourself and educate yourself about the industry.
  • Diversification is key. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

“We’re somewhere between 2 and 5 million housing units short in this country.”


Toward the end of the conversation, Christopher shares what he’s most excited about currently. He’s eager to educate more people about passive investing. He believes this can play a role in easing the current housing shortage. However, rising interest rates do concern him.

Finally, Christopher shares one point of clarity with the listeners – Get educated!

About our Guest, Christopher Price

Chris Price is an award-winning corporate professional, pharmaceutical executive, and leader with over 20 years of business operations experience in the life sciences industry. In addition to helping patients receive life-saving medications at a top 15 pharmaceutical company, Chris is the CEO and Co-Founder of Red Fox Multifamily, a real estate investment company aimed at providing life science industry professionals with hands-off commercial real estate investment opportunities to recession-proof their retirements. Chris is an accredited real estate investor and entrepreneur since 2012, with investments today in real estate syndications, funds, single-family, and land. Chris is also the Host of the 1,030 member plus Wealth Mindset & Real Estate Investing virtual Meetup.  

Today, Chris has invested in over 1266 commercial multifamily units and counting, with investments over $32.5M Assets Under Management (AUM) in real estate syndications, single-family, and land as both a Limited Partner, General Partner, and Fund Manager across Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama, and Pennsylvania. Chris is using his years of leadership experience in corporate America, educational, and team-sports background to help others build wealth with passive real estate investment opportunities in strategic markets throughout the country.  

Mentioned in the show:

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  2. https://www.redfoxmultifamily.com/
  3. www.shineinsurance.com/
  4. The REI Clarity Framework

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Special thanks to Christopher Price for taking the time to share so many great insights with us

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