157: Avoiding Large Project Pitfalls, with Scott Jolly

Welcome to the CRE Clarity Podcast with Jeremy Goodrich. Today, we deep into the world of high-level asset management with our guest, Scott Jolly, founder of Site Consulting Specialists. You’ll learn Scott’s 3-step renovation process, discover tips for finding top-notch contractors, and gain insights into extending the life of your properties through proper maintenance.
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“I’ve been in construction since I was about 12 years old.”


Scott’s journey in construction began at a young age, starting at 12 through his grandfather’s business. He took the entrepreneurial leap in 2008 by founding his first company, focusing on residential remodels and development. In 2010, he transitioned to working for a commercial paving and concrete company

Scott started working in construction at age 12 through his grandfather’s business. He started his first company in 2008 focusing on residential remodels and development, then worked for a commercial paving and concrete company in 2010. 

Over the years, Scott has built an impressive portfolio. Currently, his company, Site Consulting Specialist is doing roofing and paving projects for larger apartment complexes. 

“We’re always looking for companies that self-perform the work because we want to have a little bit tighter grip on what’s happening”


According to Scott, most properties need significant renovations every 20-30 years. He shares his 3 step renovation process.

  1. Evaluation: Scott’s company assesses the property’s condition and understands the client’s asset strategy to determine a budget.
  2. Procurement: Once they have a clear scope of work, they prepare bid packages and qualify contractors.
  3. Construction or Project Management: Finally, they create a detailed schedule and collaborate with tenants to minimize disruption during the renovation.

“Curiosity is the single best tool anyone can have in the tool belt.”


Toward the end of the conversation, Scott shares what he’s most excited about in the construction industry currently. He’s particularly enthusiastic about innovative new products hitting the market. For example, the private sector is seeing the introduction of reinforced asphalt in paving – a material that’s both 100% recyclable and highly durable. However, Scott is concerned about the permitting processes that could add unnecessary costs and delays to construction projects.

Finally, Scott shares one point of clarity with the listeners – be curious and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

About our Guest, Scott Jolly

Scott’s entire career has been in real estate and construction. As an investor, he understands the impact capital expenditures can have on ROI. SCS was a brainchild of combining his real estate experience with his concrete and paving experience to create massive savings for large portfolio owners.

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  4. The REI Clarity Framework

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Special thanks to Scott Jolly for taking the time to share so many great insights with us

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