121: Capital Raising from Kuwait, with Keishia Kennedy

Welcome to the Managing CRE Risk podcast with Jeremy Goodrich. Our guest today is Keishia Kennedy, a thriving capital raiser living in Kuwait. Keishia is also a military veteran and fitness coach who loves a challenge. In our conversation, we talk about how to become motivated to find success, how to invest from afar, and how to be uncomfortable with getting comfortable. If you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself, then this episode is a must for you.

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“I wanted to scale last year so I started investing in commercial assets all the way from Kuwait.”


Keishia is an American citizen who was born in Germany and had lived in many different places during her life. Her father was in the military, which inspired her to join the Army National Guard. She was deployed to Kuwait and kept going back as a military contractor. 

Keishia started investing in residential assets in 2011 and moved into commercial real estate last year.

“I want to ensure that my partners and I align on our core values, so we can build that relationship over time.”


Keishia shares her advice about how to mitigate risk when investing in the US from a foreign country.

  • Leverage your team’s experience.
  • Find a niche that you can do from afar. For Keishia, this is capital raising.
  • Focus on networking online and building lasting relationships.

Keishia uses a “5 Fs Framework” to find partners and team members with similar core values to hers. The 5 Fs are Faith, Family, Fitness, Finances, and Freedom. Honesty and transparency are very important for her so she expects her team members to align with these values as well.

“I love a good challenge. I’m very active, very adventurous. We only live once, right? So why not?”


In the second half of the conversation, Jeremy asks Keisha 4 questions out of the “Risky 6” questions. These are some risk-related questions about her investing journey.

  1. What’s a risk that you took that changed your life?
    It was the first real estate property she bought in Richmond, Virginia. At the time, she had no idea about REI, but the property ended up being cheap and highly cash-flowing.
  2. What is a risk that you’re comfortable with that maybe other people are not as comfortable with?
    Investing outside of the US. According to her, if she can invest from another continent, anybody can invest in another state. As long as the numbers make sense, it‘s worth taking the risk.
  3. As a kid, what were you scared of that would surprise us?
    She was scared to swim, however now she’s a certified scuba diver. Keishia loves a challenge and to overcome her fears so she looked at swimming the same way. She brings the same mentality to real estate investing.
  4. How would you describe yourself as a decision-maker?
    Keishia is an executor. She makes her decision and continues to move forward until she reaches her goals.

About Our Guest, Keishia Kennedy

Keishia is an army veteran with six years of service in the Army National Guard. During her enlistment, she was a Human Resource Specialist and also deployed to Kuwait as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. She has also pursued education by earning a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, a second Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science, and a Master of Arts in Homeland Security.

Following her enlistment, she began investing in real estate in 2011 and has been expanding and managing her portfolio of properties for the past 10 years. In April 2021, she decided to take the next step on her entrepreneurial journey by founding Kennedy Remedy Investments. Kennedy Remedy Investments will focus on investing in commercial multi-family properties in Virginia, with plans to expand to other southeastern states.

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