120: Taking Huge Action, with Ola Dantis

Ola moved to Houston from Baltimore during the pandemic to further his career even more. This transition helped him grow his portfolio significantly. He is very comfortable with moving for different opportunities and this is what he recommends to everyone as well. True success only comes if we’re willing to take risks.

Ola shares his best pieces of advice on how to balance risk and reward while making a decision.

  • Educate yourself and take calculated actions.
  • Don’t be afraid of making quick decisions but keep evaluating the process as you go.
  • Respect the asset that you’re working with and respect the business.
  • Create a solid business plan that helps everyone involved in the business to know what to do.

“I’m a big believer that relationships are what really drive the business.”


Ola talks about how he builds his team. He prefers to have people on his team who are faster than him, so they can motivate him to make quick decisions. He likes to find team members through referrals.

At the end of the conversation, Ola talks about what he sees as the biggest risk investors face nowadays.

  • We’re possibly entering a recession soon. This will affect investors negatively.
  • The high inflation rate makes it harder to invest in real estate.
  • The war in Ukraine is affecting the market as well.

About Our Guest, Ola Dantis

Ola, an entrepreneur at heart, brings his experience in owning and managing cash-flowing multifamily property in his personal real estate portfolio to larger multifamily investing with over $40,000,000M in deals. This foundational experience derived from the strategic acquisition, renovation, and repositioning has been instrumental in the apartment syndication space, resulting in a competitive edge in value add and equity creation. In addition, Ola draws from his leadership and analytic skills as a manager for a Fortune 10 company.

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