119: Why Relationships Matter, with Pili Yarusi

Welcome to the Managing CRE Risk podcast with Jeremy Goodrich. On the show today we have another Titan in the commercial real estate world, Pili Yarusi, capital raiser and asset manager. We discuss how to build meaningful business relationships, attract capital on social media, and how to manage assets successfully at 1000 doors.

If you’re struggling with taking advantage of these different social platforms, then this episode is for you!

Learn more about Pili and her journey at shineinsurance.com/managing-commercial-real-estate-risk!

“Real estate is a people business. So my biggest tip is to talk to people all the time.”


At the beginning of the show, Pili talks about how she finds good deals in the current tough market. She connects and talks to people every day on social media. She also takes calls from anyone because according to her, she never knows when a good off-market deal comes up. This attitude has helped her to find immense success and grow her portfolio to around 1000 doors in recent years.

Pili explains that the only risk she’s taking by networking is losing her time. However, she can gain countless business opportunities, great team members, and a good reputation in the industry through it.

“Life is all about relationships.“


Even though Pili loves engaging with people, she recommends that everyone find their own power. For some people, it’s networking, for others it’s crunching numbers, but everybody is good at something. Find people in your team with different superpowers.

Pili’s advice is to take action. Don’t wait until you become an expert in your field, take the risk and start taking action today!

“Make friends in those places where you don’t think you could be of any service because I guarantee you that you can be.”


Pili is very active on social media. She engages with people on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, like many other investors, but she also likes to try unconventional platforms. Her newer favorites are Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse.

Pili’s advice is to try to be active on as many social platforms as possible and don’t be afraid to try new sites now and then.

About Our Guest, Pili Yarusi

Pili Yarusi loves to help people and “Lead with Aloha”. 

She runs the Investor and Client Relations branches of both Yarusi Holdings and Multifamily Live. Multifamily Live is an interactive education platform for investors to build a strong FOUNDATION buying Large Multifamily.  

Pili is the co-host of the Multifamily Live Podcast and trains others on the successful formula to buying apartment buildings at www.7FigureMultifamily.com.  

She is also the co-host of The Jason and Pili Project – a fun and interactive YouTube channel that features all the fun that she and Jason are working on. Look out for a new Project coming out in Q2 2022. Her goal is to help one person a day take one step closer to a Fit and Rich Life.

She and Jason have three awesome children, Luke, Lily, and Leo, and an English Bulldog, Jill. 

Pili has her NJ Real Estate License with EXP Commercial.

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  4. www.shineinsurance.com/managing-commercial-real-estate-risk
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