108: Success is Built On 3 Es

Welcome to the Managing Commercial Real Estate Risk Podcast, where we believe that if you identify, understand, and manage the risk in your journey, you will exponentially increase your profits. Today, we’re talking about how to make good decisions. Jeremy breaks down the process into the “3 Es”, the foundation of every great decision.

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“Your network is your net worth. There are lots of different ways to say it, but the bottom line is that the people around you make your journey scalable.” 

Today, we talk about the “3 Es”, the foundation of every good decision. No matter where you are in your journey, you’re probably already engaging with all these Es on some level.

Our challenge for you is to think about where are you having success and where are you struggling on this 3 E journey. Share your insights with us on our social media pages!

If you haven’t built out your 20-year plan, we recommend you do so. Imagine yourself 20 years from now at the Thanksgiving dinner. Who’s sitting around the table? How’s your relationship with those people been over the course of time? If you have a clear 20-year vision then you can work your way back and create solid 10-year, 5-year goals. Try it.

Let’s dig into the foundation of every good decision, the “3 Es”.

  1. Education.
    This is the easiest to access and it is entirely based on your capacities. How are you educating yourself on the journey you’re at?
  2. Experience.
    Education alone will never get you to success. Many people are stuck on the education piece and never move on to the second E.
    Take the leap, buy your first property, pull the trigger on a deal, and get some experience.
  3. Entourage.
    Your entourage is 100% how you scale. It is scalable, and this is where success is found on a higher level. Your entourage is the people you put around you. A good exercise is to think about your team members and ask yourself – are they the right people in the right seats? Sometimes, changing up your entourage a little can make a world of a difference.

What do you think of these 3 Es? And where are you on your journey? Share it with us, and see you next Tuesday!

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