104: Making Sound Multifamily Decisions

Welcome to the Managing CRE Risk Podcast with Jeremy Goodrich. Today we dig even deeper into understanding the risk in commercial real estate. Jeremy shares some examples and practical advice about how to recognize the risk and successfully manage it.

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“How do you understand the risk, learn to manage it, and then pull the trigger on the decisions that you’re making?”

Earlier this week we talked with Jason Yarusi about investing in apartment complexes. Even though this asset class is pretty tight right now, there are still many opportunities to invest successfully. Jason’s advice was to step outside of the box and find underperforming properties.

When you expand your perspective and look into underperforming properties, you may find something that you hadn’t considered before. It may even be that the property is actually in really good shape. But you have to be more creative, underwrite more clearly, and do your due diligence in an exponentially more profound way. 

Your perspective on what makes a good deal should be based on clear underwriting, a clear philosophy on what you believe is profitable, and some historical experience associated with that idea.

So this week, we invite you to deeply think about your underwriting process. What are you doing to change your approach and expand your idea of what works? Are there ways to expand even more? Let us know what you found!

And don’t forget to join us next Tuesday when we chat with a returning guest, Agostino Pintus, an investor in Cleveland. Agostino does development and stabilized deals in multifamily, and triple net deals through a fund. We guarantee that you’ll love that episode!

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